CppCon 2014 Slides

Many of the slide decks from the talk's at the inaugural C++ Conference are now available on GitHub. There were a number of great talks this year worth checking out »

C++ Type List Indexing

I've put together a draft of a new proposal to the C++ ISO committee. It's tentatively titled "Type List Indexing" and can be found at GitHub: type-list-indexing.md This is »

New Blog

I've moved my blog from WordPress to Ghost. I really prefer writing in MarkDown format and using a simple blogging platform. The blogging community in general - particularly technical bloggers »

Direct3D 11 Debug API Tricks

Direct3D 11 has some handy debug APIs provided that make tracking down problems much easier. Unfortunately, while the API reference is rather complete and quite useful, I haven't been able »

Dangers of std::shared_ptr

I've had a lot of conversations with people lately based on their experience and my own regarding shared_ptr (either the C++11 standard version, the TR version, the Boost »